Fedora 34 Feature Focus: Updated Activities Overview

Fedora Workstation 34 is scheduled for release towards the end of April. Among the various changes that it will contain is the soon-to-be-released GNOME 40. This comes with a number of improvements and new features most notably an updated Activities Overview design. Read on to hear the background behind those changes and what to expect from the upcoming release.

In case anyone is wondering yes GNOME is changing its version schema for the upcoming release. The previous GNOME version schema gave stable releases even point numbers like 3.32 3.34 and 3.36. The last GNOME stable release is 3.38.

As the number of releases in the GNOME 3.x series increased this approach has become unwieldy. It is therefore being replaced with a simpler schema where stable releases have their own major number. 40 will be followed by 41 42 43 and so on.

The new schema is starting at 40 because the next release will be GNOME8217s 40th. This means that going forward the GNOME version number will indicate the number of stable releases that GNOME has produced.


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