Fedora Aarch64 on the SolidRun HoneyComb LX2K

Almost a year has passed since the HoneyComb development kit was released by SolidRun. I remember reading about this Mini-ITX Arm workstation board being released and thinking 8220what a great idea.8221 Then I saw the price and realized this isn8217t just another Raspberry Pi killer. Currently that price is 750 USD plus shipping and duty. Niche devices like the HoneyComb aren8217t mass produced like the simpler Pi is and they pack in quite a bit of high end tech. Eventually COVID lockdown boredom got the best of me and I put a build together. Adding a case and RAM the build ended up costing about 1100 shipped to London. This is a recount of my experiences and the current state of using Fedora on this fun bit of hardware.

First and foremost the tech packed into this board is impressive. It8217s not about to kill a Xeon workstation in raw performance but it8217s going to wallop it in performancewatt efficiency. Essentially this is a powerful server in the energy footprint of a small laptop. It8217s also a powerful hybrid of compute and network functionality combining powerful network features in a carrier board with modular daughter card sporting a 16-core A72 with 2 ECC-capable DDR4 SO-DIMM slots. The carrier board comes in a few editions giving flexibility to swap or upgrade your RAM CPU options. I purchased the edition pictured below with 16 cores 32GB non-ECC 512GB NVMe and 4x10Gbe. For an extra 250 you can add the 100Gbe option if you8217re building a 5G deployment or an ISP for a small country bottom right of board. Imagine this jacked into a 100Gb uplink port acting as proxy tls inspector router or storage for a large 10gb TOR switch.


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