Fedora Vs Red Hat: Which Linux Distro Should You Use and Why?

Fedora and Red Hat. Both Linux distributions belong to the same organization both use RPM package manager and both provide desktop and server editions. Both Linux distributions have a greater impact on the operating system world.

This is why it is easier to get confused between the two similar distributions. In this article I will discuss the similarities and difference between Red Hat and Fedora.

This will help you if you want to choose between the two or simply want to understand the concept of having two distributions from the same organization.

Let8217s talk about the difference between the two distributions first.

Back in 1995 Red Hat Linux had its first non-beta release which was sold as a boxed product. It was also called Red Hat Commercial Linux.

Later in 2003 Red Hat turned Red Hat Linux into a Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL focussed completely on enterprise customers. Since then Red Hat is an enterprise version of Linux distribution.


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