First Leaks of Upcoming Graphics Cards Model Names From Both AMD and NVIDIA Appears

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Once again the Eurasian Economic Commission has been helpful by sharing the model names of multiple upcoming graphics cards from both AMD and NVIDIA, which was dug up by @harukaze5719. This time around it’s AFOX, a fairly minor graphics card manufacturer based out of Hong Kong that has submitted products for trademark registration. If these are the final product names or not, it’s not clear and there are some "irregularities" in the submission as well, but we’ll get to that in a second. Looking at the AMD cards, all the model names are as expected, ranging from the Radeon RX 7500 to the RX 7900XT in even steps of 100, with non XT and XT models for each SKU.

On the NVIDIA side we have the RTX 4050 to the RTX 4090TI, again with even steps, but of 10 this time and TI models of all cards, which seems a bit odd on the lower-end. However, AFOX has also registered trademarks for four RTX 30×0 Super cards, suggesting that NVIDIA might refresh its lineup of Ampere cards before it launches the 4000-series. This is obviously just an indication of things that may happen and should be taken with a fair helping of salt.

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