Fixing Flatpak Error: No remote refs found similar to ‘flathub’

So I just installed Fedora. Installing my favorite applications was among the list of things to do after installing Fedora.

I tried installing VLC in Flatpak form but it gave me an error.

error No remote refs found similar to flathub.

The fix is rather simple. Add the Flathub repository in the following way.

It will ask for your password or you could use the above command with sudo.

Now if you try to install a Fltapak package from Fltahub it should work as expected.

Now that have fixed the error it would be a good idea to also learn why you saw this error in the first place and how it was fixed.

Like most other package managers in Linux Flatpak also works on the concept of repositories. In simpler words you can imagine package repositories as a warehouse where packages are stored.


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