GNOME’s Very Own “GNOME OS” is Not a Linux Distro for Everyone [Review]

Whenever a major release for GNOME arrives it is always tempting to try it out as soon as possible. But to get your hands on it first to test it you had to mostly rely on Fedora Rawhide development branch.

However a development branch isn8217t always hassle-free. So it wasn8217t the most convenient solution to try the latest GNOME. Now by testing I don8217t mean just for users but also being able to test design changes for the developers as well.

So GNOME OS recently came to the rescue to ease the process of testing. But what exactly is it and how to get it installed Let us take a look.

GNOME OS is not a separate full-fledged Linux distribution. In fact it isn8217t based on anything at all. It8217s an incomplete reference system just to make GNOME desktop work. It is just a bootable VM Virtual Machine image tailored for debugging and testing features before it hits any distribution8217s repository.


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