Got Kids? Limit Computer Usage Per Account in Linux With Timekpr-nExt

Open source software highlight of this week is Timekpr-nExt. It is a GUI application to limit the computer usage for certain accounts on a Linux system. This is a handy utility for parents who do not want children to spend excessive time on the computer.

If you have young children at home who spend too much time on computer you may want to put some sort of restriction on the usage.

Timekpr-nExt enables you to limit computer usage for certain accounts based on the time of day number of hours a day week or month. You may also set time interval to force the account user to take break.

After the given time expires the user is automatically logged out and cannot log back in until the restriction conditions are satisfied.

Of course this means that you need to have separate non-admin no sudo access accounts for the children. If the kids accounts also have admin access they can change the settings easily. Kids are smart you know.


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