Guake Terminal: A Customizable Linux Terminal for Power Users [Inspired by an FPS Game]

Brief Quickly access your terminal that is customizable and powerful for a variety of users with Guake Terminal emulator.

Guake is a terminal emulator that8217s tailored for GNOME desktop with a top-down design.

It was originally inspired from the terminal seen in an FPS game Quake. Even though it was initially built as a quick and accessible terminal it is much more than that.

Guake terminal offers a ton of features and customizable options. Here I8217ll highlight the key features of the terminal along with the process of getting it installed on any of your Linux distribution.

Just to have fun you can do a great deal of things. But I also believe that power users can make use of the features to make their terminal experience easier and more productive.

For the time I used it to test out a few things and write this article I felt like I was summoning the terminal to be honest. So I definitely find it cool.


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