Helix: A Terminal Based Text Editor for Power Linux Users

When it comes to terminal based text editors it is usually Vim Emacs and Nano that get the limelight.

That doesn8217t mean there are not other such text editors. Neovim a modern enhancement to Vim is one of many such examples.

Along the same line I would like to introduce yet another terminal based text editor called Helix Editor.

Helix is written in Rust and uses Tree-sitter for syntax highlighting. The developer claims that it is faster than regex highlighting because Tree-sitter parses code into syntax trees like a compiler and thus giving a lot more information about code structure.

You can track local variables calculate indentations and manipulate selection to select syntax nodes. It is robust enough to produce results even with syntax error.

The main focus of Helix is on 8216multiple selection8217. This is based on Kakoune.


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