Here Is How To Create A Clean, Resilient Electrical Grid (Forbes)

Erik Kobayashi-Solomon writes at Forbes.

One leading thinker in the Grid Evolution space Dr. Shuli Goodman believes that the success of Linux to transform the tech world can and should be applied to next-generation electrical grids.

Dr. Shuli Goodman Executive Director of LF Energy.

Dr. Goodman is the executive director ofLF Energy a young offshoot of the Linux Foundation LF that partners withprominent organizationsto develop open-source software for utilities and grid operators to instantaneously understand and manage various new pools of energy supply e.g. renewables batteries etc.. This software offers a single common reference code base that all organizations can use as a base to build its own customized solutions. The advantage of the LF Energy approach is standardization and more crucially speed of implementation.

At this point you may be asking the same question I asked Dr. Goodman Why do utilities and grid operators need software to run things anyway.


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