How to Add or Remove Labels to Nodes in Kubernetes

When you work on a real-time environment there will be times when you want to run a specific type of workloads or application a designated worker node.

For example production workloads should be running on specific worker nodes and shouldn8217t get mixed with staging or development workloads.

This is where adding labels to the node will be helpful.

Let me show you how to add labels to nodes in Kubernetes change the labels and remove those labels later.

You can list Kubernetes node details along with their labels in this fashion.

If you want to know the details for a specific node use this.

The labels are in form of key-value pair. They must begin with a letter or number and may contain letters numbers hyphens dots and underscores up to 63 characters each.

Now suppose you want kworker-rj1 node to host all the production related workloads.


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