How to Check Dependencies of a Package in Ubuntu/Debian-based Linux Distributions

Installing applications via command line is quite easy in UbuntuDebian. All you need to do is to use apt install packagename.

But what if you want to know the dependencies of a package before or after installing it .

In this tutorial Ill show you various ways to see the dependencies of a package in Ubuntu and other Debian-based Linux distributions that use APT package management system.

If you didnt know already when you install a software package in Linux sometimes it needs other packages to function properly. These additional packages are called dependencies. If these dependency packages are not installed on the system it is usually installed automatically with the package.

For example the GUI tool HandBrake for converting video formats needs FFmpeg GStreamer. So for HandBrake FFmpeg and GStreamer are the dependencies.

If you dont have these packages installed on your system they will be automatically installed when you install HandBrake on Ubuntu.


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