The all-important 8220C8221 drive is for most people the core of the PC where the operating system is installed and all the crucial system files are kept. Inevitably this is also the drive that gets filled up most easily due to endless Windows updates temporary files of applications downloaded files that you forget about and the fact that by default everything saves to the 8220C8221 drive. Here we show you how to clean up your C drive in Windows recover some space and subsequently get it running again.

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Manually removing temporary files in Windows gives the most immediate results to clean up the C drive and regain space.

Below we show you some tricks that clean out your various temporary files automatically but those methods like Storage Sense and Disk Clean-up won8217t do a complete job of clearing out temporary files and there8217s a good chance that the biggest most hard-drive-hogging temporary files will remain in your Temp folder for8230 Read more.


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