How to Clear Apt Cache and Reclaim Precious Disk Space

How do you clear the apt cache You simply use this apt-get command option.

But there is more to cleaning apt cache than just running the above command.

In this tutorial Ill explain what is apt cache why is it used why you would want to clean it and what other things you should know about purging apt cache.

I am going to use Ubuntu here for reference but since this is about apt it is applicable to Debian and other Debian and Ubuntu-based distributions like Linux Mint Deepin and more.

When you install a package using apt-get or apt command or DEB packages in the software center the apt package manager downloads the package and its dependencies in .deb format and keeps it in varcacheaptarchives folder. .

While downloading apt keeps the deb package in varcacheaptarchivespartial directory. When the deb package is downloaded completely it is moved out to varcacheaptarchives directory.


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