How to Count Number of Files in a Directory in Linux

How do you know how many files are there is a directory.

In this quick tutorial you8217ll learn various ways to count the number of files in a directory in Linux.

The simplest and the most obvious option is to use the wc command for counting number of files.

The above command will count all the files and directories but not the hidden ones. You can use -A option with the ls command to list hidden files but leaving out . and .. directories.

If you only want to count number of files including hidden files in the current directory you can combine a few commands like this.

Let me explain what it does.

Basically you use ls to list display all the files and directories with added to directory names. You then use pipe redirection to parse this output to the grep command. The grep command only displays the lines that do not have at the end. The wc command then counts all such lines.


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