How to Delete a Service in Kubernetes

In this Kubernetes tip you will learn about deleting a service in Kubernetes.

Services enable communication between various components within and outside of the application. Kubernetes services helps you connect applications together with other applications or users. It provides a stable virtual IP VIP address. By using a service IP clients can reliably connect to the containers running inside the pods.

For example your application has groups of pods running for various sections such as a group for serving front end load to users and other group for running back end processes and a third group connecting to an external data source.

It is services that enable connectivity between these groups of pods. You can have as many services as required within the cluster.

Kubernetes Pods are unreliable and non-permanent resources because they get created and destroyed to match the state of your cluster. When you create a Kubernetes Deployment to run your app it can create and destroy Pods dynamically.


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