How to Dual Boot Fedora and Windows

Brief This detailed tutorial shows you how to dual boot Fedora Linux with Windows 10 step-by-step accompanied by proper screenshots.

Dual booting Linux and Windows is one of the popular ways to enjoy the full potential of the two operating systems. You have both Linux and Windows installed on the same system and you can choose which one to use after starting your system.

If you have a system with Windows installed already you8217ll learn how to install Fedora alongside Windows in this tutorial.

The tutorial has been performed on a system with Windows already installed GPT partitioning and UEFI boot. It should be applicable to other systems with MBR partitioning and legacy BIOS system as well but I cannot confirm that.

Note If your Windows system uses BitLocker encryption it will be a good idea to disable it first before you go on installing Fedora.


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