How to Find Length of String in Bash [Quick Tip]

If you are dealing with strings in bash you may need to know the length of string.

Thankfully getting length of string in bash is super simple. Let8217s say you have a string named mystring. Its length can be extracted as.

Here8217s an example to explain things better.

That was easy wasn8217t it You can save this string length to another variable and use it later.

Like most other things in Linux this is not the only way to calculate the length of strings in Bash.

Let8217s see some other commands that could help you to test the string length in bash.

One of these commands is the expr command. It has several options that are useful for string options. Among them length gives you the length of a string.

Since the expr command outputs the length you should store it in a variable using command substitution.


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