How to Fix “Repository is not valid yet” Error in Ubuntu Linux

I recently installed Ubuntu server on my Raspberry Pi. I connected it to the Wi-Fi from Ubuntu terminal and went about doing what I do after installing any Linux system which is to update the system.

When I used the sudo apt update command it gave me an error which was kind of unique to me. It complained that release file for the repository was invalid for a certain time period.

E Release file for httpports.ubuntu.comubuntu-portsdistsfocal-securityInRelease is not valid yet invalid for another 159d 15h 20min 52s. Updates for this repository will not be applied.

Heres the complete output.

The reason for the error is the difference in the time on the system and the time in real world.

You see every repository file is signed on some date and you can see this information by viewing the release file.


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