No matter what software you use errors will happen. Some can be difficult to diagnose and fix while others are more straightforward. For this post we8217re examine the 8220Scratch Disks Are Full8221 error in Photoshop.

A scratch disk is hard disk space that is temporarily allocated to any given running application to store transitional data. You can think of it as 8220over-spill8221 for your RAM. While it depends on the program itself Photoshop uses the scratch disk to store slices of your documents and history panel. By default Photoshop uses the same hard drive as the operating system.

When you see the 8220Scratch Disks Are Full8221 error this means that the scratch disk you assign is either completely full or more likely close to capacity. As such there are a few methods you can carry out to resolve the issue.

The below methods are in no particular order and aren8217t exclusive to one another. As such you can jump to any method and start there and8230 Read more.


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