How to Give Sudo Permission to Users on Ubuntu Linux [Beginner’s Tip]

When you install Ubuntu you are asked to create a user and this user gets sudo access by default. This is good because you need root privileges to manage the system.

But what about new users you created later on Ubuntu What if the new user also needs to have sudo access for some valid reasons.

In this beginner8217s tutorial I8217ll show you the steps for adding a user to sudoer in Ubuntu using both GUI and command line methods.

The GUI method is suitable for the desktop version while the command line method works for both desktop and server versions of Ubuntu.

This tutorial is not about creating users in Ubuntu. I assume that the other user is already created. Needless to say that to give sudo access to another user you must have sudo access yourself.

Giving a user sudo permission from the command line is a matter of a single command if you know the exact username.


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