How to Install Docker Compose on Ubuntu

Docker Compose is a Python program that lets you easily deploy multiple containers on a server.

As you start exploring Docker you8217ll learn that often to run a certain web-app you8217ll need to run various services like database web-server etc in different containers.

Deploying multiple containers is a lot easier with Docker Compose.

In this tutorial you8217ll learn two ways of installing Docker Compose on Ubuntu.

Keep in mind that to use Docker Compose you must have Docker installed on Ubuntu.

This is the easiest and recommend method. Unless you need the latest Docker Compose version for some specific reasons you can manage very well with the docker compose version provides by Ubuntu.

Docker Compose is available in the universe repository of Ubuntu 20.04 and 18.04 so make sure to enable it first.

You probably won8217t need it but no harm in updating the local cache.


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