Love it or hate it it is difficult to avoid Java.

Java is still a very popular programming language taught in the schools and used in the enterprises.

If you want to use a Java-based tool or program in Java you8217ll need to have Java on your system.

This becomes confusing because there are so many technical terms around java. .

On top of that you8217ll come across OpenJDK and Oracle Java SE. OpenJDK is what is recommended because it is open source. If you have exclusive need then only you should go for Oracle Java SE.

There is one more thing here. Even OpenJDK has several versions available. At the time of writing this article Fedora 34 has OpenJDK 1.8 OpenJDK 11 and OpenJDK 16 available.

It is up to you to decide which Java version you want.

First thing first check if Java is already installed and which version it is. I am not kidding. Fedora usually comes with Java preinstalled.


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