How to Install Matrix Synapse Homeserver Using Docker

Matrix is an open source standard protocol for VoIP instant messaging and video calls i.e. real-time communication. It provides end-to-end encryption along with support for bridges to various other messaging alternatives like Slack IRC Telegram or any other XMPP client. It can work with low bandwidth connections as well.

In this tutorial I8217ll show you how to install Matrix homeserver Synapse using Docker containers.

Matrix in itself is just a specification and there are many implementations of Matrix protocol available publicly. .

Homeservers are basically any of those implementations deployed on a server that you can access through any Matrix client like Element.

The question that may arise is that why set up private homeservers if some are already available publicly .

Well for starters you can share your private homeserver among your friends family or colleagues and use it as your day-to-day communication medium. Unless you engage in a conversation with some user from another homeserver all the data will be safe and secure in your server. .


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