How to Run Multiple Linux Commands at Once in Linux Terminal [Essential Beginners Tip]

Running two or more commands in one line can save you a good deal of time and help you become more efficient and productive in Linux.

There are three ways you can run multiple commands in one line in Linux.

Let me show you in detail how you can chain commands in Linux.

The simplest of them all is the semicolon . You just combine several commands that you want to run using in the following fashion.

Here cmd1 will run first. Irrespective of whether cmd1 runs successfully or with error cmd2 will run after it. And when cmd2 command finishes cmd3 will run.

Lets take an example you can practice easily if you want to. .

In the above command you first create a new directory named newdir with mkdir command. Then you switch to this newly created directory using cd command. Lastly you print your current location with pwd command.


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