How to Set Up Facial Recognition to Sign into Ubuntu and Other Linux Distributions

Despite all the concern facial recognition is getting popular among consumers. Most recent Android and iOS devices have the feature to unlock the device with facial authentication.

Once you get used to the face unlock or fingerprint unlock typing password feels like a tedious boring task.

On Windows operating system Microsoft provides the Windows Hello that allows instant authentication based on your face.

On Linux face unlock is not a built-in feature. No Linux distribution as far as I know provides face unlock feature out of the box.

But as the saying goes there is a shell there is a way. In Linux youll often find alternative things and tools that you can configure for a certain task. Remember the tutorial I wrote for sharing mouse and keyboard between Linux and Raspberry Pi devices.

In this tutorial Ill show you how to set up face unlock in Ubuntu. You can use the tutorial for other Linux distributions as well.


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