How to Use apt-cache Command in Debian, Ubuntu and Other Linux Distributions

With apt-cache command you can search for package details in the local APT cache. Learn to use apt-cache command in this tutorial.

The apt package manager works on a local cache of package metadata. The metadata usually consists information like package name version description dependencies its repository and developers. With the apt-cache command you can query this local APT cache and get relevant information.

You can search for the availability of a package its version number its dependencies among other things. I8217ll show you how to use the apt-cache command with examples.

The location of APT cache is varlibaptlists directory. Which repository metadata to cache depends on the repositories added in your source list in the etcaptsources.list file and additional repository files located in ls etcaptsources.list.d directory.

Needless to say the APT packaging system is used on Debian and Debian-based Linux distributions like Ubuntu Linux Mint elementary OS etc. You cannot use it on Arch or Fedora.


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