Did you know that you can verify your YouTube account and that it only takes a few minutes YouTube allows this for a number of reasons and there are benefits to doing so. In this article you8217ll learn what it means to verify your YouTube account plus how to do so.

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The following are the key reasons you should verify your YouTube account.

Verified accounts can upload videos that are up to 12 hours long or 256 GB in size whichever comes first. Unverified accounts can only upload 15-minute long videos. If you intend to create long-form videos that cover your topics in greater detail this is definitely the way to go.

Video ads are less likely to be served on very short videos and back-to-back video ads only display on videos that are at least five minutes long. With up to a 12-hour-long video you can incorporate and display more YouTube ads to further increase your ability to monetize your videos.


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