A few months ago I bought a Dell XPS laptop with a 4K UHD screen. The screen resolution is 38402152400 resolution with a 1610 aspect ratio.

When I was installing Ubuntu on it everything looked so small. The desktop icons applications menus items in the top panel everything.

It8217s because the screen has too many pixels but the desktop icons and rest of the elements remain the same in size as on a regular screen of 19202151080. Hence they look too small on the HiDPI screen.

This is not pretty and makes it very difficult to use your Linux system. Thankfully there is a solution for GNOME desktop users.

If you too have a 2K or 4K screen where the desktop icons and other elements look too small here8217s what you need to do.

If you have a 4K screen you can scale the display to 200. This means that you are making every element twice its size.


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