This article is a follow-up from the Crowdsec multi-server setup. It applies to a configuration with at least two servers referred to as server-1 and one of server-2 or server-3.

To address security issues posed by clear http communication in our previous crowdsec multi-server installation we propose solutions to achieve communication between Crowdsec agents over encrypted channels. On top of that the third solution allows server-2 or server-3 to trust server-1 identity and avoid man-in -the -middle attacks.

First we have to create a certificate. This can be achieved with the following one-liner.

For now crowdsec is not able to ask for the passphrase of the private key when starting. Thus we have the choice to decipher by hand the private key each time we start or reload crowdsec or store the key unencrypted. In any way to strip the passphrase one can do.


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