In the trenches with Thomas Gleixner, real-time Linux kernel patch set

Jason Perlow Editorial Director at the Linux Foundation interviews Thomas Gleixner Linux Foundation Fellow CTO of Linutronix GmbH and project leader of the PREEMPTRT real-time kernel patch set.

JP Greetings Thomas Its great to have you here this morning 8212 although for you its getting late in the afternoon in Germany. So PREEMPTRT the real-time patch set for the kernel is a fascinating project because it has some very important use-cases that most people who use Linux-based systems may not be aware of. First of all can you tell me what Real-Time truly means.

TG Real-Time in the context of operating systems means that the operating system provides mechanisms to guarantee that the associated real-time task processes an event within a specified period of time. Real-Time is often confused with really fast. The late Prof. Doug Niehaus explained it this way Real-Time is not as fast as possible it is as fast as specified.


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