Incremental backup with Butterfly Backup

This article explains how to make incremental or differential backups with a catalog available to restore or export at the point you want with Butterfly Backup.

Butterfly Backup is a simple wrapper of rsync written in python the first requirement is python3.3 or higher plus module cryptography for init action. Other requirements are openssh and rsync version 2.5 or higher. Ok lets go .

Editors note rsync version 3.2.3 is already installed on Fedora 33 systems.

After that installing Butterfly Backup is very simple by using the following commands to clone the repository locally and set up Butterfly Backup for use.

To upgrade you would use the same commands too.

Butterfly Backup is a server to client tool and is installed on a server or workstation. The restore process restores the files into the specified client. This process shares some of the options available to the backup process.


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