Install LAMP On Manjaro

LAMP stands for Linux Apache MySQLMariaDB and PHP or Perl or Python. If you are using Manjaro you can easily install LAMP on Manjaro.

Manjaro is one of the cleanest Linux distributions available. If you are using Manjaro for web development you can easily install LAMP on Manjaro Linux. All the required packages are already available in the default repositories.

Before installing any package update the system using pacman.

The above command will ask for the sudo password enter the password and itll check for any available updates. .

Next install Apache. Apache is the most popular web server and its extensive documentation helps new users configure it easily. Currently Apaches latest stable version is v2.4.46 which is available in the Manjaro repository.

One can either fire up the GUI software installer and search for apache to install it or use the CLI package manager pacman command.


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