Install Laravel On Manjaro/Arch Linux

Laravel written in PHP is a popular MVC framework for developing web applications. Laravel makes it easy to develop dynamic web apps with powerful built-in tools such as database systems routes controllers authentication system and a lot more.

Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework. It was first released in June 2011. With each new release Laravel is making it easier to implement complicated features without wasting too much time. From scaffolding to providing helper methods to build advanced features such as authentication Models for making database queries controllers to write request logic and Views to render blade templates or even supports Inertia for building frontend with React or Vue.

Currently Laravel 8.x is the latest release. For a quick start Laravel provides Laravel Breeze optional to scaffold the entire authentication system that includes login register and a password reset system.

If you are a PHP developer Laravel is a genie for you. The huge community and well-explained documentation is always there if one needs any help. To further save time in coding popular features search for packages already coded by somebody in the community. Use Packalyst a huge directory to find Laravel packages built by the community. From interacting with a third-party API to implementing different authentication systems multiple packages are available for all kinds of needs.


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