Intel Moves Xeon Scalable “Sapphire Rapids” General Availability to February-March 2023

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Intel is reportedly moving the general availability of its 4th Gen Xeon Scalable processor, codenamed "Sapphire Rapids," in the region of early-February to early-March, 2023. The enterprise processors were expected to debut toward the end of 2022, and some of the oldest company roadmaps referencing the processor put its launch back in Q1-2021. Igor’s Lab reports that there are as many as 12 steppings of the processor, with the latest discovered being the E5 (the others being A0, A1, B0, C0, C1, C2, D0, E0, E2, E3 and E4; although these could be validation samples handed out to various large customers of Intel to try these chips with their various applications. Built on the Intel 7 node, the processor features up to 60 "Golden Cove" CPU cores, a DDR5 memory interface, PCI-Express Gen 5, and various on-die accelerators. Certain variants even feature up to 32 GB of on-package HBM.

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