Interview with Shuah Khan, Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow

Jason Perlow Director of Project Insights and Editorial Content at the Linux Foundation had an opportunity to speak with Shuah Khan about her experiences as a woman in the technology industry. She discusses how mentorship can improve the overall diversity and makeup of open source projects why software maintainers are important for the health of open source projects such as the Linux kernel and how language inclusivity and codes of conduct can improve relationships and communication between software maintainers and individual contributors.

JP So Shuah I know you wear many different hats at the Linux Foundation. What do you call yourself around here these days.

SK ltlaughsgt Well I primarily call myself a Kernel Maintainer amp Linux Fellow. In addition to that I focus on two areas that are important to the continued health and sustainability of the open source projects in the Linux ecosystem. The first one is bringing more women into the Kernel community and additionally I am leading the mentorship program efforts overall at the Linux Foundation. And in that role in addition to the Linux Kernel Mentorship we are looking at how the Linux Foundation mentorship program is working overall how it is scaling. I make sure the LFX Mentorship platform scales and serves diverse mentees and mentors needs in this role.


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