Introduction to Thunderbird mail filters

Everyone eventually runs into an inbox loaded with messages that they need to sort through. If you are like a lot of people this is not a fast process. However use of mail filters can make the task a little less tedious by letting Thunderbird pre-sort the messages into categories that reflect their source priority or usefulness. This article is an introduction to the creation of filters in Thunderbird.

Filters may be created for each email account you have created in Thunderbird. These are the accounts you see in the main Thunderbird folder pane shown at the left of the 8220Classic Layout8221.

There are two methods that can be used to create mail filters for your accounts. The first is based on the currently selected account and the second on the currently selected message. Both are discussed here.

Before filtering messages there has to be a destination for them. Create the destination by selecting a location to create a new folder. In this example the destination will be Local Folders shown in the accounts pane. Right click on Local Folders and select New Folder8230 from the menu.


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