Its awesome to have Microsoft Teams on Linux during the Corona crisis!

The Corona Corvid-19 virus has forced a lot of us to work from home. My preferred way of working is by using openSUSE. Because my company has decided a while ago that Office365 and Microsoft Teams would be the default applications for collaboration I am able to do so. .

The first thing to do is to go to the Microsoft Teams website to download the Teams software package.

Save the RPM file to your computer.

Now open the Dolphin file browser and either press F4 or click on Control gt Panels gt Terminal. .

Now install Teams by using the command.

First enter your root password. When asked to confirm the installation type y and then press Enter. .

After installation type Teams in your launcher to start the Microsoft Teams Preview application. .

You can login by entering your work e-mail address and your password and if needed the Two Factor Authentication approval. .


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