Kubernetes for Finservs – Unlocking success in digital transformations

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The global health crisis has accelerated the digital transformation within the financial services industry. A McKinsey report highlights that “In a competitive environment of rising cost pressures, where rapid action and response is imperative, financial institutions must modernise their technology function to support expanded digitisation of both the front and back ends of their businesses.”

To serve the on-demand customer, financial institutions must become agile digital enterprises focused on delivering innovative products, services, and customer experiences. Containerisation and Kubernetes have a key role to play in enabling financial institutions to meet the needs of customers at speed and scale.

Finserv cloud-native infrastructure

It is not always feasible for financial institutions to keep up with consumer demand through real-time customisation, instant scalability, and response to evolving security challenges with traditional on-prem systems.

Containers offer a logical packaging tool in which applications can be decoupled from the underlying infrastructure on which they run. This allows container-based applications to be installed easily and consistently, regardless of whether the target environment is a private or a public cloud. With containerization, development teams move fast, deploy software efficiently, and operate at an unprecedented scale.

Containers have dramatically risen in popularity because they provide a consistent way to package application components and their dependencies into a single object that can run in any environment. By packaging code and its dependencies into containers, a development team can use standardised units of code as consistent building blocks.

Containerisation is secure because applications


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