LibreOffice 7.0 is Finally Available Now! Here are the Key Changes in this Major Release

LibreOffice 7.0 is the latest major release after version 6.4. There are plenty of additions to improve the LibreOffice experience. .

In this article Ill share some details on the key changes on LibreOffice 7 and how to get it.

As mentioned LibreOffice 7 does not introduce major new features but several improvements contributing to a major release. Here Ive highlighted the features that I think are important.

Dont expect an overhaul but you will find the addition of a new icon theme Sukapura. It looks similar to Apples color palette in macOS.

So if youre using LibreOffice in macOS or just want that look and feel you can utilize this new theme.

You may also observe some new icons and banners when installing LibreOffice depending on the platform youre using it.

Its good to see new spreadsheet functions RAND.NV and RANDBETWEEN.NV which are non-volatile random number generating functions that does not get affected by updates on other cell. Previously RANDRANDBETWEEN functions were being re-calculated whenever a new value was added to any other cell which was not convenient.


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