Linux Foundation: “Transformation Through Open Source” is Proprietary Software That Rejects Linux

The Foundation of Contradictions.

Summary The Linux Foundation run by proprietary software companies that dont really care about Linux is still a lot more about openwashing perception management techniques than about Open Source or even Linux which most of the Foundation rejects.

THE Linux Foundation works very well for the few people who run it and bagnet massive salaries without even using Linux.

What does this foundation even stand for Apparently nothing but words or lip service.

So they keep telling us how Open Source is all awesome while consistently rejecting it themselves rejecting both Linux and Free software.Case of point.

This new report was published some hours ago and promoted in a spam site. Not too shockingly for the third in a row that I examine this closely enough its a slap in the face of the messenger those reports are always produced with proprietary software on a Mac including statements such as Theyre all dependent on open source software.


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