Linux Jargon Buster: What are GUI, CLI and TUI in Linux?

When you start using Linux and follow Linux-based websites and forums you8217ll often come across terms like GUI CLI and sometimes TUI.

This chapter of Linux Jargon Buster briefly explains these terms so that you as a new Linux user can understand the context better when these acronyms are used. .

To be honest the terms like GUI CLI or TUI are not exclusive to Linux. These are generic computing terms and you8217ll find them used in non-Linux discussions as well.

Probably the most common term you8217ll across on It8217s FOSS. It8217s because we focus on desktop Linux users and try to cover the easy to use graphical methods and applications.

A GUI application or graphical application is basically anything that you can interact with your mouse touchpad or touch screen. You have icons and other visual notions and you can use your mouse pointer to access the functionalities.


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