Linux Jargon Buster: What is a Rolling Release Distribution?

After understanding what is Linux what is a Linux distribution when you start using Linux you might come across the term rolling release in Linux forum discussions.

In this Linux jargon buster youll learn about rolling release model of Linux distributions.

In software development rolling release is a model where updates to a software are continuously rolled out rather than in batches of versions. This way the software always remains up-to-date. A rolling release distribution follows the same model and it provides the latest Linux kernel and the software version as they are released.

Arch Linux is the most popular example of a rolling release distribution however Gentoo is the oldest rolling release distribution still in development.

When you use a rolling release distribution you get small but frequent updates. There are no major XYZ version release here like Ubuntu. You regularly update Arch or the other rolling release distribution and youll always have the latest version of your distribution.


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