Linux Jargon Buster: What is Flatpak? Everything Important You Need to Know About This Universal Packaging System

While reading the installation instructions of an application you8217ll often come across terms like Flatpak Snap and AppImage.

You might have already used some of them on Linux but might not really know they are. Flatpak Snap and AppImage they are 8216universal packaging systems8217. .

In an earlier article in the Linux Jargon Buster you have learned about the package manager in Linux. So I won8217t bother you with packaging anymore. I8217ll highlight what is Flatpak and how it tries to solve problem as a universal packaging system.

Flatpak is a package management utility that lets you distribute install and manage software without needing to worry about dependencies runtime or the Linux distribution. Since you can install software without any issues irrespective on the Linux distribution be it a Debian-based distro or an Arch-based distro Flatpak is called universal package.

In case you8217re curious Alexander Larsson is the one responsible to create Flatpak and the history to Flatpak dates back to the summer of 2007. You can read more about his work and Flatpak8217s history on his blog post.


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