Linux Jargon Buster: What is Grub in Linux? What is it Used for?

If you ever used a desktop Linux system you must have seen this screen. This is called the GRUB screen. Yes it is written in all capital letters.

In this chapter of the Linux Jargon Buster series I8217ll tell you what is Grub and what is it used for. I8217ll also briefly touch upon the configuration and customization part.

GRUB is complete program for loading and managing boot. It is the most common bootloader for Linux distributions. A bootloader is the first software that runs when a computer starts. It loads the kernel of the operating system and then the kernel initializes the rest of the operating systems shell display manager desktop environment etc.

I didn8217t want to confuse you at this stage but I see no option to avoid bringing this topic. There is a blur line between a bootloader and a boot manager.


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