Linux Kernel 5.10 Will be the Next LTS Release and it has Some Exciting Improvements Lined Up

Development for Linux Kernel 5.10 is in progress. It8217s been confirmed to be a long term support release and it will be bringing newer hardware support among other promised features.

Greg Kroah-Hartman the key stable kernel maintainer addressed an 8220Ask the Expert8221 session at Linux Foundation8217s Open-Source Summit Europe and confirmed that Linux 5.10 will be the next LTS release.

Even though there were some early speculations of 5.9 being the LTS release Greg clarified that the last kernel release of the year will always be an LTS release. .

As of now Linux Kernel 5.4 series happens to be the latest LTS version out there which added a lot of improvements and hardware support. Also considering the development progress with Linux Kernel 5.8 being the biggest release so far and Linux 5.108217s first release candidate being close to it there8217s a lot of things going on under the hood.


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