Linux Kernel 5.8 “The Biggest Release of All Time” is Finally Available Now

Linux 5.8 is one of the biggest releases of all time as pointed out by Linus Torvalds. However unlike other releases you may not see a lot of eye candy changes for an average user to understand.

Overall the Linux kernel 5.8 release introduces a bunch of driver support security improvements and optimizations.

Just to put it in perspective Linus Torvalds did mention this with Linux 5.8 RC1 release.

But again 5.8 is up there with the best despite not really having any single thing that stands out. Yes theres a couple of big driver changes habanalabs and atomisp that are certainly part of it but its not nearly as one-sided as some of the other historical big releases have been.

In this article lets take a look at whats new in Linux Kernel 5.8.

While considering it as one of the biggest releases its obvious to see a lot of technical changes. Here we will focus on the important highlights that mostly matter to the end-user.


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