Live Patching Ubuntu Server so That You Don't Have to Reboot it

Managing Linux servers can feel like a chore specially if you have to perform repeated tasks.

Updating the server is one of those tasks. While you can opt to automatically install security updates on your server it doesn8217t make you completely free from the maintenance task.

Why Because the security updates to the kernel require restarting Ubuntu server.

If you use Ubuntu server on one of the cloud services like Linode you8217ll notice that it notifies you that your system requires restart.

What if I tell you there is a way to install all updates including the kernel updates without rebooting your server. It8217s called live kernel patching or live patching.

Live patching is the process of applying security fixes to a running Linux kernel without rebooting the system.

The process is quite complex and risky and this is why it is not something that is available by default in Linux distributions.


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