Inkscape the most used and loved tool of Fedoras Design Team is not just a program for doing nice vector graphics. With vector graphics in our case SVG a lot more can be done. Many programs can import this format. Also Inkscape can do a lot more than just graphics. The last article of this series showed how to design embroidery with Inkscape and the extension InkStitch. This time several extensions for Inkscape will be examined. All are helpful for working with so called Stroke or Hershey Fonts.

Inkscape version 0.91 includes an extension called Hershey Text Extensions gt Text gt Hershey Text. This extension brings a small set of Stroke Fonts or Hershey Fonts. If you try testing all of the extensions Inkscape comes with you might get to this one and ask yourself 8220What is it for It just renders text8221.

The name Hershey Text comes from Dr. Allen Vincent Hershey who did work in the 1960s at the US Naval Weapons Laboratory. He developed a set of fonts designed to be rendered on early cathode ray tube displays. Later he did work at the US National Bureau of Standards. Marking material that is often small he could re-use his knowledge about this kind of font.


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