Manage containers with Podman Compose

Containers are awesome allowing you to package your application along with its dependencies and run it anywhere. Starting with Docker in 2013 containers have been making the lives of software developers much easier. .

One of the downsides of Docker is it has a central daemon that runs as the root user and this has security implications. But this is where Podman comes in handy. Podman is a daemonless container engine for developing managing and running OCI Containers on your Linux system in root or rootless mode.

There are other articles on Fedora Magazine you can use to learn more about Podman. Two examples follow .

If you have worked with Docker chances are you also know about Docker Compose which is a tool for orchestrating several containers that might be interdependent. To learn more about Docker Compose see its documentation. .

Podman Compose is a project whose goal is to be used as an alternative to Docker Compose without needing any changes to be made in the docker-compose.yaml file. Since Podman Compose works using pods it8217s good to check a refresher definition of a pod.


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